Geekin' On WDW

On episode 296, Lindsay, Holly and Curtis review the Villains of Disney World and tips on how to beat them.

On episode 295, Super Geek Heather Stone Capelle comes on the show to share her vacation including her Galaxy's Edge experience, private character breakfast and special moments at Disneyland.

On episode 294, EJ Cruz shares her 12 night split stay of Port Orleans Riverside/Wilderness Lodge with lots of food and tip reviews.

On episode 293, we review Amy Rhodes trip report including Animal Kingdom Jambo House Club Level, Pop Century and a Magic Kingdom Fireworks Cruise.

On episode 292, Curtis brings on the show one of his favorite Disney World Podcasters, Mike Rahlmann from the Be Our Guest Podcast to review his latest trip and his favorite food, attractions and other things at Disney World.

On episode 291, Jennifer, EJ and Curtis review our favorite places to take pictures and some peaceful places in Disney World.

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On episode 290, listener Ben Canady shares his Disney World trip including Saratoga Springs, fun character meets/perspectives and safety tips while in the Parks.

On episode 289, Super Geeks challenge each other with their favorite Veggie and Meat meals in Disney World.

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On episode 288, we chat with Karen Piggott about her family trip staying at Old Key West 2 bedroom with her family of 5 and 2 nieces.

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On episode 287, we review a list of 50 things that make you a Disney World Geek created by listeners and sisters Selena Roell and Jackie Coll.

On episode 286, we're talking with our Geekin' family runDisney team and we have our team captain Holly Bercase and her husband Peter, Jenny Gill, Colleen Cszczybor, Jen Moynihan Wynn and Chris Cates.

On episode 285, we review a couple Disney World trips and get tips on bringing the little ones with Jamie Lee and Kristi who are the Hakuna Moscato Mom Bloggers.

On episode 284, we chat with Holly Austin covering her Feb 2019 trip staying at Pop Century with her family of five.

On episode 283, Super Geek and artist of his own, Glen Kessler and I interview Disney Fine Artist Rodel Gonzalez about becoming a Disney Fine Artist.

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On episode 282, Lindsay and Holly review Curtis's January 2019 2 week trip to Disney World including French Quarter, Beach Club, Polynesian, lots of restaurants, snacks, lounges and fun Geekin' family meet ups.

On episode 281, we bring on four of the Super Geeks Curtis met on his January 2019 trip to review their resorts, restaurants, snacks and stories.

On episode 280, we bring on 6 of our original Super Geeks to celebrate 5 years of the Geekin' On WDW Podcast. We discuss what being in the Disney World bubble means to us, a special moment shared in the parks and share some feelings on what the podcast has meant to each of us.

On episode 279, we have lots of deluxe dining plan reviews, 3 dessert parties, caring for giants tour, bippity boppity boutique and The Void virtual reality with Super Geek Brenda Drinkwine Futrell.

On episode 278, we talk about our favorite magical enhancements, what to do on a non-park day and ways to beat the crowds with our Super Geek friends Toni-Anne and Dave from the Disney Crush Podcast.

On episode 277, we talk glamping at Fort Wilderness, dog sitting at the Disney kennel and Christmas party with Amber Springer.

On episode 276, we chat with Tonya McDaris reviewing her Christmas time stay at All Stars Herbie section, Tony's Town Square Party and Disney Junior Hollywood & Vine breakfast.

On episode 275, Jennifer Galambos and EJ Cruz join us to review Jennifer's Christmas time trip with her family at the Yacht & Beach Club, club level and some fun extra magic hours events.

On episode 274, we review Super Geek Fran Chandler's trip including Caribbean Beach Resort, Akershus Royal Dining, Spice Road Table and a four park challenge day.

On episode 273, we go to Jiko for a special wine tasting event and try several signature restaurants with Super Geek Jeff McCartney.

On episode 272, we ride our first time on Slinky Dog, eat snails at Food & Wine and meet up with Holly Bercase.

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On episode 271, it’s a live trip report from our September 2019 trip including coffee walks, Soarin’, Test Track and the Mexican boat ride.

On episode 270, Jennifer Kubicza really has some special times with her family from her recent Disney World trip including Festival of the Holidays, Christmas party and a cookie stroll.

On episode 269, Lindsay, Holly and Curtis give advice for taking and enjoying Disney World with a creative and artistic person and our favorite top 5 characters inside of an attraction.

On episode 268, we bring on Rob Midiri to share his Disney World Parks and Disney Cruise Combo Trip including Pop Century, the Bahamas and Castaway Cay.

On episode 267, we bring on Super Geek Glen Kessler to review his solo Walt Disney Trip including lots of fun food and trip tips.

On episode 266, Jen Moynihan Wynn shares amazing stories and descriptions of her favorite restaurants, lounges and special events. Your mouth is going to start watering as she reviews Nomad lounge, Food & Wine Top 5 and Sip, Savor & Sparkle at California Grill.

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On episode 265, we chat with Bruna Matskevich reviewing her first time trip to Disney World.  This was a birthday gift from her husband and a lifelong dream.

On episode 264, we chat with Allison Lee who spent her Disney Honeymoon at French Quarter.  She did some great trip planning and shares many of her trip tips.

On episode 263, Lindsay, Holly and Curtis talk about the things they've never done at Disney World and why they wish to do them in the future.

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On episode 262,  we feature Super Geek Sarah Tomlinson's stay at the Wilderness Lodge Copper Creek as she shares her knowledge and trip with her cousins family touring Disney World for the first time.

On episode 261, it's the first live recording from our September 2018 trip featuring All Star Sports coffee walk, Toy Story Land and Alien Saucers.

  • First Live report from Sept 2018 trip
  • Early morning coffee walk in All Star Sports reviewing our first day in Disney World
  • Chatting with Auntie Judy and Momma as we wait for bus
  • Walking into Hollywood Studios
  • Our first experience at Toy Story Land
    •     They didn't recognize me as the guy who used to abuse them as a kid
  • In line and riding Alien Saucers with binaural headphones
    •     Hear about my iPhone dying
  • Reviewing menu at Woody's Lunchbox
  • Chatting with a guest in line
  • Green Army Men show - Now they talk and perform a show
  • My phone dies and I lose my party

On episode 260,  Megan Dorsey reviews her family's recent trip to Disney World and wow she has some great extras and tips she shares with us including Wilderness Lodge club level, Animal Kingdom Lodge Wanyama Safari and awesome food descriptions.

On this episode, we talk with Heather Stone Capelle about her Disney World trip including Pixar Playhouse, Monorail Crawl and special emotional moments.

On episode 258, we chat with Bruna Matskevich about her first trip to Disney World and all her plans to realize this dream for the first time.

On episode 257, Rachel Wright shares her adult Walt Disney Trip including husband and 4 others as they enjoy Typhoon Lagoon, a Magic Kingdom Tour and Halloween Party

On episode 256, Lindsay and Holly interview Curtis for his September trip to Disney World including Food & Wine, Quick Service Meal Plan, Halloween Party and lots of Geek meet ups.

On episode 255, we're releasing the last of our live trip recordings from the January 2018 trip in Old Key West Resort, Fantasmic and Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor.

On episode 254, it's a Geekin' Girls roundtable trip report featuring an all girls trip with Geekin' family members EJ Cruz, Holly Bercase, Jennifer Galambos, Chris Cates and Jamie Magee.

On episode 253, we talk about our September 2018 trip including Momma, Auntie Judy and Uncle Ken live from the Ludwig's living room.

On episode 252, Lindsay, Holly and Curtis talk about their favorite snacks and what could go wrong at Disney World.  Yes, things could go wrong, but stay calm, you can get past them.

On episode 251, Lindsay is back!  We're joined with our good friend Holly Bercase to review the best/worst reimagines at Disney World.

On episode 250, Cousin EJ Cruse joins Holly and Curtis to review her first French Quarter Resort and adult only trip.  Holly talks about her one day trip and meeting EJ for the first time. 

On episode 249, it's a live January 2018 trip report including two coffee walks reviewing the days events, Storm Troopers, Kylo Ren, Chewbacca, Tower of Terror and a Citizens of Hollywood joke competition.

Hey Geeks!  This week it's a live trip report recording from Jan 2018 including a couple of long coffee walking and talking and binaural audio from the Navi River Ride, Flight of Passage and the AK Safari.

On episode 247, we have another sweet Super Geek Brianna Lopez who stayed at Art of Animation for 12 nights and tells us WDW is a feeling.

On episode 246, we chat with Stacey Brown Zitto about her trip to Disney World with her children Geekin' on Disneybounding, Pin Trading and some great tips for enjoying your Disney World trip.

On episode 245, we review Amberly Keach's family split stay at the Dolphin and Beach Club deluxe resorts and our first look at the new Toy Story Land.

On episode 244, we finally cover runDisney! We bring on Curtis's sister Heidi, Melissa Koshiol and Holly Bercase to answer all your runDisney questions.  Heidi is considering running her first Disney event.

On episode 243, we're in EPCOT for live recordings of Canadian pavilion band, Disney on Broadway performance and split stay at Bay Lake Tower and Old Key West in this middle of trip January 2018 live recording.

On episode 242, we talk to Stephanie Watson about her family trip for 9 nights at Pop Century, great early park entry breakfast eating, adult time by leveraging the Pixar PlayZone for kids, dessert parties and some fun pixie dust stories.

On episode 241, we chat with Unofficial Guide Author Erin Foster and Super Geek Jennifer Galambos about Disney Cruises answering our listener questions and more.

On episode 240, we chat with Wendy Fox about her April Disney World vacation with her family including Bay Lake Tower, Kidani and some fun stories.

On episode 239, we bring on two Disneyland experts Katherine Stanfill and Jeanette Lynn to introduce us to Disneyland.

On episode 238, Curtis is in a reverse role and he's interviewed by good friend Lis Cote'. Lis gets the inside scoop on the podcast from the producer, host and creator of the show.

On episode 237, we stroll around Magic Kingdom, ride the Tomorrowland People Mover and laugh and scream on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in this live recording from January 2018 trip.

On episode 236, Momma and Curtis visit Auntie Judy and Uncle Ken in their living room eating pizza and talking about their big family Disney World Trip including Star Wars Void, Splittsville Sushi and Ken's wasabi incident.

On episode 235, we chat with listener Alisa Mela who spent her Spring Break at the Polynesian Resort on a relaxing family adult trip including Keys To The Kingdom and a start meetup.

On episode 234, we talk Universal Studios, City Walk, Islands of Adventure, Harry Potter and some chat about the proposed Super Nintendo World with Unofficial Guides author Seth Kubersky.

On episode 233, we talk with Leianna Hillo about her first time Disney World trip staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge and a 1 bedroom villa at Copper Creek.

On episode 232, Tammy Free comes on the show to review her wedding anniversary trip with no kids to enjoy the Happily Ever After Dessert Party, Candlelight Processional and Festival of the Holidays.

On episode 231, we take the recorder into Hollywood Studios for the day and capture four shows with the Citizens of Hollywood, Groot and Star Lord meet, ride the Tower of Terror and see the Star Wars March of the First Order.

On episode 230, we bring on beloved and Super Geek Royalty Holly and Peter Bercase to review some resort hopping, food exploring, beignet running and Star Wars Void playing.

On episode 229, we chat with Glen Kessler about his second father/son trip to Disney World sharing some one on one time with Dad.

On episode 228, we chat with Fairytale Concierge Travel Agents EJ Cruz and Jennifer Galambos all about our favorites and tips reviewing Animal Kingdom. 

On episode 227, we chat with Colleen Szczybor about her Disney Honeymoon including the Boardwalk Resort, Illuminations Fireworks Cruise and some great Disney restaurants.


In episode 226, we meet Vikings in Norway, Ride Frozen Ever After, Enjoy Hoop De Doo and take 2 early morning coffee walks to the Contempo Cafe with live audio recordings from our January 2018 trip.

In episode 225, we chat with 3 long time Super Geeks about their recent Disney World trips.  This was a special trip report because we all got a chance to finally meet after several years of knowing each other online.


On episode 224, Curtis has a fun and lively chat with three new Super Geeks, Madison, Susan and Jen who we had the privilege to meet our our January 2018 trip to Walt Disney World. 

On episode 223, for the first time we have a trip report on Disney's Aulani Resort in Hawaii with listener Lydia Terjeson.

In episode 222, it's a live recording of our day in Magic Kingdom with sounds from Main Street, Haunted Mansion, new Hall of Presidents and more.

In episode 221, it's part 2 of our get together in Auntie Judy's living room to review our January 2018 trip to Disney World. Lots of food, treats and tips from all of us.

In episode 220, we get together in Auntie Judy's living room to review our January 2018 trip to Disney World.

In episode 219, Curtis takes his recorder through EPCOT's World Showcase enjoying the live entertainment and ends with a morning coffee walk reflecting on the previous days events.

In episode 218, Jennifer, EJ and Curtis review all our tips and favorite foods and attractions at Hollywood Studios.  This is the 3rd episode in a series of 4 shows dedicated to the basics of enjoying all 4 of the Disney World parks.  

In episode 217, we bring you the first of many live trip report episodes from our January 2018 2 week trip to Walt Disney World staying at All Star Movies, Animal Kingdom Kidani Village, Bay Lake Tower and Old Key West Resorts.

In episode 216, we answer a listeners question on how to do Disney World as adults.  Lindsay, Holly and Curtis review their favorite things to do in Disney World for adults.


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On episode 215, we catch up with Super Geek Jeff McCartney about his trip to the Boardwalk Villas, Saratoga Springs, Polynesian DVC and the Universal Royal Pacific.


On episode 214, we talk with Laura Nothnagel about her Disney World trip to Old Key West with 13 family members.

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In episode 213, we review Samantha Vickrey's after Thanksgiving trip stay at Port Orleans French Quarter with a little bit of Pop Century and some great food.

In episode 212, we have 3 of our Geekin' family members share their trip reports including Kelly Reece, Brandy Walsh and Jaime Magee.

In episode 211, we talk all about Christmas time in Walt Disney World with Jennifer Galambos, EJ Cruz and Holly Bercase.  Jennifer and Holly just came back from a trip where they were both able to do the Christmas Candlelight Processional Dinner Package at Epcot and met each other too.

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In episode 210, we talk with good friend Roxanne Steele who went to Disney World with her family in August and a recent adult only trip with her husband.

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In episode 209, Lindsay, Holly and Curtis review those things at WDW that they would say, "Yea! That's my Jam!"  These are things that define our likes and personalities.

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In episode 208, we review part 2 of Natalie Flowers trip to the Polynesian Resort for the first time with her young family.  Natalie spent 4 years researching and planning this trip.  She and her family did as much as you can do and had a fantastic time.

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In episode 207, we review a first timer's trip for 9 nights at the Polynesian Resort that's jam packed with as much to do as possible.

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On episode 206, we get up very early in the morning so we can chat with our good friend and fellow podcaster Michelle Young from the Disney Dream Girls podcast.  It's a trip report with lots of food and tips.

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In episode 205, we continue our talk with Mike Nelson about his Polynesian Resort stay and deluxe dining at PaddleFish, Kona Cafe, Yak & Yeti, Be Our Guest and 'Ohana.  Mike also tells us about great experiences with food and drink at the Food & Wine Festival, Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar, Tambu Lounge and Splitsville.

Direct download: 205_Deluxe_Dining_At_PaddleFish_Kon.mp3
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In episode 204, we bring on Holly Bercase to help us review some fun secrets at Walt Disney World and we review Holly's amazing trip with her Mom for their first Polynesian Resort vacation together.

Direct download: 204_Secrets_of_Disney_World_And_A_Po.mp3
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In episode 203, we chat with long time listener Mike Nelson about his adult only trip staying 8 nights at the Polynesian resort and many signature restaurants on the deluxe dining plan.

Direct download: 203_Adults_Only_Polynesian_Resort_an.mp3
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In episode 202, Jennifer and EJ join me to talk all about our favorite things about EPCOT and there's some good tips in food, fast passes and how to work the EPCOT park.

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In episode 201, we bring back 4 of our 5 first guests to the podcast to celebrate 200 episodes and talk about our favorite resort, attraction, restaurant, snack, and tip.

Direct download: 201_Super_Geek_Roundtable_With_4_Of.mp3
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This week we review some must do's for our January 2018 trip and we celebrate 200 episodes of the podcast with an audio recording patched together as a gift to us from our listeners.  We are blessed to have all of you in our life and we have so much fun listening and reflecting back on our amazing Geekin family and memories of 200 podcast episodes.

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In episode 199, we take the show live for the last time of 2017 for our May 2017 trip including the Festival of Fantasy Parade, Pirates shipwreck incident, our first Happily Ever After Dessert Party and Hermin's Hermits for EPCOT's Flower & Garden Festival.

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In episode 198, we talk with Natalie Flowers about her 9 night trip to the Polynesian Resort that she's been planning for her family for the past 4 years.  She has a jam packed vacation and really has done an amazing job researching and planning this trip.

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In episode 197, we review Super Geeker Heather Brainerd's recent trip including Pandora, Mickey's Not So Scary Party, lounge hopping and a one bedroom stay at Bay Lake Tower.

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